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Website Design & Development

From creating  and  developing websites to aesthetics of web designing , we attend the needs of our clients with utmost preciseness . Customized websites as per demand to embellish them with use of basic design principles, We Provide you aesthetically pleasant layout which offers excellent user experience .

Business Promo Ads

We aid you into promoting your organisation with promo ads. Keeping  the importance of the environment and a more efficient alternative we create alt-tech videos to preserve the moral principles

Social Media Optimization

Social media is not only a platform to showcase your creation and ideas , it is also a community of like-minded people to grow along with . Optimizing your campaign helps you grow and connect with your customers at a wide range. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the biggest platform to grow business and expose your brands and companies . Social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram  , LinkedIn, pinterest, tumblr , reddit  dynamically expand your business and interest among the visitors.


Search engine marketing is the most cost-effective and effortless way of conversion optimization . It provides advertisers with an opportunity to place ads alongside the search queries , in front of motivated customers who are ready to buy the product at the moment

Graphic Designing

Eye catching graphics to grow traffic to give an aesthetic logo design . DIZITALZ makes sure you are equipped with best layouts and user experience.

Content Writing

Eye catching graphics to grow traffic to give an aesthetic logo design . DIZITALZ makes sure you are equipped with best layouts and user experience.

Logo Animation

Logo Animation is taking a static logo and adding animated elements  to make it engaging and attractive . Dizitalz does a spectacular job of creating logo animations that catches the eyes of the audience at once . Whether video or picture, we create your logo that shines among the crowd.

2D Animation

2D Animation has been on trend since the 1800s like the evergreen programme it is!  

Dizitalz takes delight in creating this marvel of art for your company for promotions , advertisement and filming.

3D Animation

3D Animation uses computer graphics to make it look like the objects are functioning in three dimensions .

3D animation tops in visualising concepts on virtual levels thus Dizitalz and our tech savvies take delight in creating this amazing piece of technological art.

Offline Creatives

Offline creatives such as banners , posters,  pen drive , cash memo , envelope , diaries , letterhead , shield batch , wallet , standee , mobile back cover , DVD are coolest way of keeping your client happy and promoting your Business. Dizitalz assists you in creating these  with its innovative and cool approach.

3D Virtual Tour

Honestly ! This is really amazing ! Your client and customers can have a tour of your venue in its best and you get to promote your venue/business at the same time without actually taking the trouble of giving them an actual tour of the place . We create best 360° virtual tour for your place.

Packaging and Stationery Design

The attractive and beautiful packaging and Stationery designs we create are guaranteed to pull your customers like a magnet.

Video Editing

Video editing is used to arrange the videos ,structure  and present all the necessary information of the subject . Dizitalz’s techies are expert and experienced in the task.


The graphic visual presentation of information. As the name suggests short for information and graphics to present more quickly and clearly. The cognition is improved to enhance the human visual system’s ability by using graphics. Pie-charts are the most common example of infographics.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is advertising your products through email to your potential customers. These are commercial messages to advertise, request business or donations. So what do we do for you ?

We create templates, formats and messages for your promotion.

Conversion Optimizations

Conversion Optimization in easiest words – is converting the viewers on social media into your customers , the views into money. Generally known as CRO. We creative everything you need to work on your CRO from pop-ups,  templates, testimonials to removing unnecessary distraction.

Web Analytics

Digital analytics is analysis, measurement, interpretation illustrating the user’s behaviour on devices and platforms as well as reports website traffic .We do it for you, so you line on the front pages.


A collection of information that’s organized to simplify the access. We create, structure, organize your data so you get to focus on the bigger picture.

YouTube Optimization

YouTube Optimization involves optimizing your channel, videos, playlists, metadata, description to rank your channel  high in YouTube’s search results

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic is creating an illusion of motion with use of animations and video displayed on multimedia. Our graphic designers has unparalleled expertise and talent to create awe-inspiring animations and videos.

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