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We are a Technology based digital agency established in Kolkata , India ; with a mission to uncomplicate the tedious process of internet marketing for our clientele , provide them with superlative evolutionary technology and technology hacks and a platform where we will stimulate ideas and assist your innovation through our ingenious courses. Our Team consists of highly efficient professionals from 9 major cities of India . Our netizens are technophile developers , creators , graphic designers , competent marketeers , articulate and eloquent content writers who aspire to bring revolutionary ideas to the world and make technology and innovations accessible to all .

Our Mission

We are moving with a Vision to become India’s best and World’s Topmost Tech-Giant with new innovation. Setting our feet with basic complementary technology hacks and schemes into the world of technology we aspire to bring more on the table. Data Science, The World Of Virtual Reality, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence,  Robotics, Internet Of Things and Cyber Security are some of the objectives on the way. 

What We Do

We are group of tech savvies who love to Build Websites, Develop Apps, adorn them with brilliant Graphic and Web  Designing, Supply Exclusive and Original optimized Content Writing Aid and Create Studio Animations For Interesting Stories , Awareness Campaigns , Marketing Campaigns and a Programme where we give wings to your innovation. 

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